A Note from Your Publisher

Musings from one parent to another

By Stephanie Horton, MK Tuscaloosa Publisher August 1, 2021

This past week was a flurry of activity of getting my sweet girl back and forth to ballet camp then helping with our church's VBS, and trying to keep up with all the normal chores (and failing at that last part miserably).  I have loved it.  Hearing my girl get back in the van, and tell me about all she did and learned was a highlight of the week.  Teaching preschoolers about God's love has been as fun as a "Barrel of Monkeys" plus some.  Another week has quickly passed...a little too quickly.  These events we add to a calendar and anticipate are over before we know it.  Planning these events and trying to get it all in is such a joy when it goes off smoothly.  Today I was thinking, what if it doesn't go smoothly.  Then what?  Is it still worth it?  Sometimes it's a bad attitude, a diaper blowout, or wash out.  Things just don't always go according to plan.  Yet, my answer every time is "absolutely, YES!  It is so worth it."  

These memories are priceless.  Your children may not remember every event you took them to, but they will remember that you cared enough to spend that extra special time with them.  So my plans may not go exactly as I want, but I am still so grateful for the fact we are making plans and have events to go to this season.  What a blessing it is to see a full calendar again.  I will not take that for granted for awhile.  Living through a pandemic has taught me many lessons.  One of those are things can change in a moment.  So enjoy each moment for what it is and soak it up.  Another lesson is to treasure the time with your loved ones.  We may not be back to getting hugs or houses full of friends and family, but each time we get together is a gift.  I will not be taking hugs for granted like I used to (this hugger has had a hard time).  A third lesson I have learned is that even in the unexpected, joy can be found.  So look for the joy...fight for it if you have to.  We may not be able to control the circumstances around us, but we can at least choose our response. 

I hope you are able to find some family fun events to add to your personal calendar this month.  There are lots of wonderful things happening in Tuscaloosa area in the coming days.  Enjoy the moments.  Back to school shopping is upon us.  Great things are in the works here at Mac Kid Tuscaloosa.  I am so glad to have you along for the ride.

God bless and Roll Tide!